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Yorke Engineering, LLC has assisted over 500 customers with their Air Quality and Environmental compliance, engineering, and permitting issues. Our philosophy is to efficiently help Government and Industrial customers with the complex array of Environmental rules and regulations issued by the local, state and federal agencies. From simple permits to complex agency negotiations, from small companies to the largest of California's organizations, Yorke Engineering has successfully helped solve our clients' Air Quality and Environmental issues in a cost effective and efficient manner.

What Our Clients Say About Us:
"Yorke Engineering has played a pivotal role in our air quality compliance program... They have consistently delivered effective, business friendly solutions to our compliance programs."
     - R. Copeland
"They perform their services as if they were employees of my company... We will continue to use their services for our permitting and consulting efforts."
     - R. Cartwright
"We think of Yorke Engineering as an extension of our own environmental management staff as they take ownership of our projects and provide consistent sound strategies for managing those projects."
     - Environmental Manager, Energy Company
"Working with Yorke Engineering we have established a program that not only satisfies agency requirements, but also allows us the flexibility to operate our business efficiently."
     - Environmental Manager, Major Aerospace Company



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